Drummers Corner Group is all about bringing the drumming community together.


    I've always been intrigued with drum gear. I love the accessories and add-ons that are available to drummers. Some products can help us in our playing and some can inspire. We can also add some color to our playing and make it our own. The options are endless. 


     With DCG, My goal is to share and inspire the drummers to reach down deep and be creative. We as drummers are the back bone of the band, but we can splash some color and life into the music.  


     The drum community, in my opinion is a very unique one. We have a tight bond and we learn from each other and share our techniques and thoughts about drums. Its not about who is the best drummer, who does the best lick or who has the best gear. It's all about DRUMMING. Let's expose the art of drumming to the world and let us all feel the beats in our hearts.


     I want to thank all the drum companies that has given me the opportunity to review/feature their products and share it with you guys.


   - Josh Berrios

My drum sets Configurations

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