NK-9 Beater from Ninja Kick Percussion Review

The NK-9 Beater from Ninja Kick Percussion is a beater with a spring on the beater head. The worlds first spring loaded bass drum beater. It's a combination of machined plastic and a high tension ring. When I first saw this I was like "HUH?" I was a little skeptical because of the small surface but very anxious to try it. I look fun to play with. I took it with me to one of my gigs which I played with a funky band. When you see the spring, right away you must think, this will bounce back quickly or feel a bit unnatural when struck on the head. Well I was amazed on how it felt. It gave me some rebound back which quickly I got used to. It helped me when I did doubles and felt like I didn't hav

M80 22" Cymbal Case Ash Review

If your looking for a cymbal bag but with the durability of a case but don't want to carry a case with you on your weekend/night gigs, then the M80 Cymbal Case is for you. I received the M80 Cymbal Case-ash from Mono. First thing I noticed was how tough and durable it looks. Beautiful gray (ash) color and black industrial rubber tube pipe like trimming made of Hypalon - the same industrial rubber used to create inflatable military rafts. (This sucka will last). The handle is tough, made with Industrial webbing materials, which are standard on all MONO cases. It also has steel rivets to reinforce for strength. The handle is tough but feels very comfortable on the hands. It also has double ste

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