I received a cool tee from Destroy A Drum. Looks like an ordinary tee but it’s not. It’s a Dri-Fit t-shirt. Basically what that is is when you sweat you will dry fast. Your tee won’t be soak. It drys fairly quick. I really dig this tee. Rocked it many times as I played and didn’t have to worry about a sweaty shirt. Lol. I used it in many out door events and it keep my dry. I also used it in the gym, which its really great for. I know I know. Why would anyone care? Right? Well it’s just not about this cool tee but about a cool company that has many apparels to offer. They offer many items from tees to tank tops to sweaters to caps and even a line for females. Go check them out. Art Saucedo,

Slug Percussion

Slug Percussion been around for some time. I've always remembered them for their kick drum pads. Very different and unique. They have some cool accessories in their line up. I'll share some with you guys. We will start out with the pads. * TRIAD PAD & TRIAD PAD HD ARMOURPHRAGMS FOR BASS DRUMS: The Triad Pad improves bass drumhead durability, without really effecting the tone of the drum. It's really to extend the life of your kick drum head The Triad Pad HD is for Heavy Duty kick drum play Same concept as the Train Pad but more durable * SINGLE KICK ARMOORPHRAGM: Protects bass drumhead without muffling sound Features larger

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