Multilegs for Bass Drums from Black Swamp Percussion

The Multilegs for Bass Drums is an easy and great way to put your bass drum in a horizontal position. You can use it flat or slightly tilted for any percussion setups.

This is a very simple but great product. It has rubber cushions that clamps on to you bass drum hoops. Make sure you set them up evenly around your drum to have an even distribution of weight. Then adjust the height to your desire. Also the knobs are made of rubber, friendly for your other nearby drums.

What is also great is that you can easily tune the drum from the bottom without moving any of the legs. Just be very careful when moving the drums with the legs on, it might damage the hoops. Best thing to do is just lift and move.

They sell in packs of three. Very light weight and durable. Doesn't take room in your case. Go to for more info and for more amazing products.

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