Bud Button from SPRK innovations

The Bud Button. A very simple product that I thought was very useful. I received two from SPRK innovations. This product is for your headphone's cable. It keeps the cable out of the way.

It's great for runners, bikers, hikers, musicians and your everyday headphone users. There are lots of different people who would benefit from using Bud Buttons.

It has a magnet on one side and a flat metal disk on the other. Clamps on to your shirt and clip the cord to the clip. Simple!

My wife uses it everyday on her way to work and back. she loves it.

I love this product. I use it all the time when I play drums or even when I'm just listen to music on my headphones. I've seen guys tape their cables on to the back of their shirts. I think its a must have.

Go check out this product and more at www.sp-rk.com

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