Slug Percussion

November 8, 2018

                                            Slug Percussion been around for some time. I've always remembered them for their kick drum pads. Very different and unique. They have some cool accessories in their line up. I'll share some with you guys.

     We will start out with the pads. 



        The Triad Pad improves bass drumhead durability, without                     really effecting the tone of the drum. It's really to extend the                   life of your kick drum head

        The Triad Pad HD is for Heavy Duty kick drum play                                Same concept as the Train Pad but more durable



        Protects bass drumhead without muffling sound

        Features larger 'sweet spot' for more beater contact adjustability

        Vented six arm shape allows drumhead to flex from beater                     contact 

        Increases attack and "punchiness" of beater strike


     They have many more to choose from. They also have pads for your snare drum or toms.


      Slug Percussion has some great beaters. Called Powerhead. Well made and constructed. They sent me 4 beater types. These beaters are self adjusting for solid impact to the head and also has a dual sided head, all you have to do is rotate the beater by hand to the sound or your choice. Pretty cool.

          * STANDARD  BEATER: 

      Tapered Shaft: 17-4PH

      Stainless SteelTotal Beater Weight: 3.25 oz.Shaft

      Length: 6.5"


          * JAZZ PRO: 

     Tapered Shaft: Titanium

     Total Beater Weight: 2.75 oz.

     Shaft Length: 6.5"


         * JUNIOR:

     This beater is designed for smaller kick drum and for light playing.

     Tapered Shaft: 17-4PH Stainless Steel

     Total Beater Weight: 3.00 oz.

     Shaft Length 5.5"


        * PUNCH COLLAR:

     This is their heavy beater. it has a non movable weight collar.

     Bend Proof Tapered Shaft: 17-4PH Stainless Steel

     Fixed Weight Collar: 1/2 oz.

     Total Beater Weight: 3.75 oz.




      They also make the famous Tweek Drum Clip Key. Clips on to a 1 inch tube hardware. They will also add your logo on this key for a small fee. They have more products to offer and some cool swag like that coffee mug.


     Go check them out





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