Cogs Snare Drum

Cogs SuperSix Maple Nekked Snare 14x6.5. Maple 6 Ply with 1/16th Veneer. Parallelogram Seams, Solid Mold Forming (SMF™). Made In USA.

I LOVE THIS DRUM!!!! Either tuned low or high, it sounds great. I keep it med-high and its killa. I've used this drum in a few different styles of music, from Hip-hop to Funk to Rock to Jazz and Gospel. It worked well.

It's beautifully made. Maple 6 Ply with 1/16th Veneer. Round/45 Bearing Edges, 2.3mm Hoops, Trick Throw • PureSound Snares.

“The heart of the snare is the shell. This shell is difficult to manufacture due to thickness of the veneer. So, it isn’t a standard 6 ply per industry standards. The shell is also handcrafted here in the USA using a Solid Mold Forming Technology. “ - Mark

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