Big Fat Snare Drum

BFSD as some of you might know it as has taken over the drum community as a great accessory for drums. This simple product transforms your snare drum to a "fat vintage sounding snare".

Back in the days I used to cut out an old head to give me the fat sound but Kris Mazzarisi perfected it. He used a custom blend of patented rubber and plastic. Equipped with a thumb cut out for quick removal, a rubberized gasket for weight, balance and stability. BAM! BFSD was born.

His first two was the "The Original" - Instant Fat Snare (Full Coverage) and the "Steve's Donut" - Medium Beefy Thud Snare with the feel of your actual snare head. (Center Circle Cutout for Snare Batter Crack).

Then he came up with more products like the Josh's Snare-Bourine (not named after me).

Also added to his arsenal of BFSD are some different types of "Bling Rings". Which it is made to put on top of your hi-hat or cymbals to give you a variation of sounds. I love these joints. I used them all the time, gives me great colors to my sound. (some on the pic to the left are proton-types).

Now I know that you can tune your snare low and get that same sound, but this product was designed for conveniencey. You don't have to retune or carry an extra snare drum, this will cover it.​

Kris has many types of products from "The Original" to "The Shining" to "Medford Square", many to color your sound.

Big Fat Snare Drum is used on many live and studio sessions and seen on television all over. Used by many top drummers from "Abe" Laboriel Jr. - Paul McCartney to Garrett Goodwin - Carrie Underwood to Stanley Randolph - Stevie Wonder just to name a few. Kris is an awesome person an easy to work with. Go check them out at

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