Booty Shakers by TnR Products

Booty Shakers are basically an isolation product for your toms/floor toms and snare drums. When using these products, it allows your drum to sound full, the way the drum was meant to sound.

Two of my 3 kits are mounted floor toms. The reason mainly for that choice is I always wanted my floor tom to “float” and sound to it’s full potential. I’ve played on fools toms with legs and they are cool but notice the drum sounds a tad bit choked. The reason is the resonance dies out quickly with the tom leg. Once you pick up the drum by the rim and strike it, it sounds full and deep.

TNR Products came up with a solution for this, they came up with a product called Booty Shaker. it's made up of Polyurethane top with slotted receptacle and a high density polyethylene stabilizer disc in the middle and a closed cell polyethylene base.

Once I tried these on my floor tom I noticed the difference right away. You get full tone and even more low end. It’s like my floor tom is “floating”. Great simple product.

Some drummers mount their rack tom on a snare stand. Also there you lose some tone and resonance of that drum. TNR Products came up with a product call Little Booty Shakers. This product is for your snare drum stand. It wraps around the rubber end of the arms on the basket.

Once place, you get the same result as the Original Booty Shakers. You get full time and resonance of that’s drum. You can also use it with your snare drums.

it's a very simple product that gives you big results. The Original Booty Shakers come with 3 in each package and will cost you a little over $20 and the Little Booty Shakers a little over $15. Go check them out at

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