Dixson Bass Drum Lift

The Dixson Bass Drum Lift is product that claims to enhance the bass drum tone. Its made out of reinforced nylon. Very light weight but durable. No need for any tools or drill to install. This will also prevent damage on the wood hoops since your pedal will no longer be attached to it.

The inventor Arti Dixson stopped my church and explain to me and showed me first hands on how this product works. I was AMAZED!!! He explain on how he came up with this product and its an incredible story. Must have him on DCG Podcast one day.

Im using my 22" Yamaha Recording Custom kick, so to install you extend the bass drum spurs about an 1" to an 1 1/2" more (as the bass drum lift will lift up your kick so you want to level it out). Place the bass drum on top of the lift from the batter side and attach the pedal to the Dixson Bass Drum lip.

You can move the pedal side to side and get it dead center with out sacrificing the feel. I use a double pedal and you know the left beater is off set, so with the Bass Drum Lift you can move the pedal a bit to the right and get both beaters a close to the center as possible.

What you get is a true sound of the kick because its struck dead center just like you will strike a tom or snare. It works with bass drums from 16″ to 24".

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