AHHHHHHHHH The Drumgees, oh how I love thee. Finally someone came up with an easy but cool and effective product that allows you to hold whatever you want against any drumhead. The possibilities are endless as to what type of effect or sound you can achieve.

Jacob from Drumgees sent me a kick Drumgee and some rim Drumgees. Very well made. It's made from durable ABS and Nylon plastics. They work on all standard triple-flange, die-cast and bass drum hoops.

Just tighten the plastic screw to the rim and adjust to your needs and BAM. The "bungee" like cord holds down whatever you want.

Also its the same concept for the kick drum but with a small leather patch to protect your wood hoops. You can hang items either on the batter side or the reso side.

You can make some great rythmic patterns with some cool "toys". Making some unique sounds and colors to your playing.

A Kick DRUMGEES goes for $16.00 and the Rim DRUMGEES goes for $11.00. They also sell them as package deals as well.

I Carry these Drumgees in my cymbal bag and carry it with me for whenever I want to add some color to my sound. Go check them out at www.drumgees.com

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