Drumtee is a solution to practice on a quieter level. They are made of durable fabric and comes in many sizes for your snare, toms and cymbals. (no kick drum)

They are washable and reversible as well. It has an elastic on the trim that cradles your cymbal or drum and keeps it in tacked.

I first set up the toms and snare in which they sent me a 10",12" and 14"

It was easy to install just 3 seconds. It muted the kit like 40% (my opinion). What was really great is that it kept the respond and rebound of the toms and snare. Also it kept the tone of the drum.

This is good for practice and live setting, especially for the snare drum, It gives you a fat snare drum sound.

The cymbal mute on the other hand is my favorite. Easy installation and it really mutes them to like 90% (my opinion). They sent me a 20",19",18"and 14" for top hat. Work really well.

Not only are they good for muting your kit, they are great to keep them clean while traveling. I keep mine on my cymbals when I travel to keep them clean and from scratches.

Elaine Caprarola - creator, on how she came about Drumtee.

For more info go to www.drumtee.com

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