KBrakes - Drum Kit Slide Prevention Technology

Does your kick drum creeps away from you? Does your snare stand comes in towards you as you wack the heck out of it? Does that hi-hat stand slips away from you? Or even that China cymbal that your pounding, does that stand creep away from you?

Well you won’t have that problem anymore. KBrakes came up with a couple of solutions.

KBrakes Original - 512 Stopping Points that dig into the carpet and lock your kick drum in place and stop your kick drum from creeping.

KBrakes HiStops - Portable Anchors designed specifically for Hi-Hat, Cymbal, Snare and Hardware stands to stop your kit from moving, walking, sliding or creeping.

KBrakes Grips - Attaches to Original KBrakes or KBrakes HiStops and allows drummers to play on Hard Surfaces such as wood floors, cement, tile, linoleum and more without a rug.

All of these products from KBrakes are great. The Original has 512 spike points that grabs on to the carpet and your kick drum will not move at all. It’s also made so you can pack the kick drum with the KBrakes attached to your spurs.

I used them on my Premier kit. Fits perfect. Did t work for some other kits but Wes from KBrakes took care of that. He came up with KBrakes Hi-Stops. You can use this on virtually on any kick or better yet any stand. How cool is that?! I was able to used the Hi-Stops on my Sonor Jungle Kit and it worked well.

The Hi-Stops also has 512 spikes and won’t move on a rug. Awesome. I also rocked with it on my Yamaha Kit. Used it on my hi-hats stands and held up.

Now even when I thought that was it, Wes Keely just took it to another level. He came up with KBrakes Grips. 🙌🙌🙌. Now you don’t need to carry that drum rug with you. How cool is that! Equipped with a cleanable non-slip silicone poly bottom. It can be used on virtually any hard surface. KBrakes Grips are compatible with Original KBrakes and KBrakes HiStops and can stay attached and fold flat with your original KBrakes for easy packing your drum in its case.

I can tell you that this product held up. I pound that kick and hi-hat stand and it stood. This is a must have. When I used my Premier kit I do t worry because my KBrakes Original are mounted already and with the grips, which if it’s a venue with rug, I just slide the Grips right off.

Go check them out at

www.kbrakes.com get yourself a set today. Use KBDC at check out for free shipping.

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