M80 22" Cymbal Case Ash Review

If your looking for a cymbal bag but with the durability of a case but don't want to carry a case with you on your weekend/night gigs, then the M80 Cymbal Case is for you.

I received the M80 Cymbal Case-ash from Mono. First thing I noticed was how tough and durable it looks. Beautiful gray (ash) color and black industrial rubber tube pipe like trimming made of Hypalon - the same industrial rubber used to create inflatable military rafts. (This sucka will last). The handle is tough, made with Industrial webbing materials, which are standard on all MONO cases. It also has steel rivets to reinforce for strength. The handle is tough but feels very comfortable on the hands. It also has double steel zippers (bigger then your norm) on all compartments. The outside bottom part of the bag has a nice rubber, grip type sole which is standard on all Mono cases. It is made of Hypalon - Again, the same industrial rubber used to create inflatable military rafts.

You can carry the bag as a backpack. It has a backpack system with chest clip to distribute the weight. Unclip the shoulder strap and tuck them in a pocket sleeve and it's out the way for an airport-friendly profile. ( I personally use the pocket sleeve to carry all my Big Fat Snare Drum products).

Now the inside of the bag is great. It holds up to a 22" cymbal. It has soft, cushion padded walls and comes with 5 padded cymbal dividers that are stitched on its sides and won't drop to the bottom of the bag. (Big plus for me). Quick and easy to store your cymbals after a gig. The inside of the cymbal bag has a feature that Mono calls "The Boot" - a contoured ABS panel that keeps all of your cymbals centered and resting above the thick base padding. I used to use rags on the inside bottom part of my bags so my cymbals wouldn't rip through.

The front of the bag has two round pockets, One pocket holds up to 15" hi-hats, the other holds up to 10" splashes. Which I think is cool, it keeps your smaller cymbals from being in the bottom of your bag which will get bulky and can also get damaged. The hi-hat pocket also has a small pocket sleeve for your clutch which is a very nice feature. We as drummers always carry our clutches and now it can be stored in a convenient spot. It also has a drum key clip.

I quickly placed my 7 cymbals and hats which I normally gig with in the bag and it fit well. Didn't look bulky at all. Now my next test was to see how it felt on my back. It felt strong and sturdy. Didn't feel "droopy" like pulling me back like some of my other bags. It felt like if I was carrying a camping bag, tight and snug.

Over all the bag (without cymbals) weights just above 4lbs. Very tough and light.

The M80 Cymbal Case runs for about $189.99 from Mono. It's a bit pricey but I think it's worth it. If your investing about $1000 - $2000 on cymbals, it just makes sense to get a great bag to protect that investment. You might not ever need another bag.

I will be updating this review in a few months as I will give the bag a run. I'm sure it will hold up as Mono says.

Go check them out at www.monocreators.com they also have Stick bags, Snare bags and drum pedal bags all with the same Mono durability features.

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