NK-9 Beater from Ninja Kick Percussion Review

The NK-9 Beater from Ninja Kick Percussion is a beater with a spring on the beater head. The worlds first spring loaded bass drum beater. It's a combination of machined plastic and a high tension ring.

When I first saw this I was like "HUH?" I was a little skeptical because of the small surface but very anxious to try it. I look fun to play with. I took it with me to one of my gigs which I played with a funky band.

When you see the spring, right away you must think, this will bounce back quickly or feel a bit unnatural when struck on the head. Well I was amazed on how it felt. It gave me some rebound back which quickly I got used to. It helped me when I did doubles and felt like I didn't have to use to much energy. Felt like my foot got a tad bit faster. Anything that will help my playing, I'm down! Over all I love this beater.

The beater alone weighs 78 grams. It comes with a small standard adjustable weight on the rod which adds about 20 grams. It also comes with a strip of felt so you can stick it to the beater for those who prefer the felt sound and feel.

Now some of you might prefer to have a more solid surface, well then this might not be for you. For those that use round or small beaters this is will be great for you. Even though for you "more solid surface" dudes, you should still give this a try, it could change your mind.

I know Ninja Kick Percussion is new in the game and I'm sure they will be here for a long time. But I hope they can come up with maybe a square solid surface for the "solid surface" dudes. Hahaha just a thought. Would be cool to have options.

The beater goes for $60. Go check them out at www.ninjakickpercussion.com

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