Quick lock Hi-Hat Clutch - D.D.S. Custom Drums

Received this cool clutch a few months back from Russia. It's a Quick lock Hi-Hat Clutch. It's made by a custom drum company called D.D.S. Custom Drums made by Evgeny Utev from Kaluga, a city in western Russia. They make beautiful snare drums and hardware. Also some cool bass drum beaters.

I must say I love it. Very cool simple and light clutch. It came with some custom felts as well, a bit to soft for my taste. I used it for a few gigs and set up was quick and easy on the hats. It held very well.

Just firmly press your thumb into the bottom and at the same time place your pointer and middle finger on the rim of the top part of the clutch to pull down. Then place your top hat and then just slide in the bottom part of the clutch back in and you will hear a snap and it will lock in place.

It's well made and strong. I recommend this product if your looking for a quick set up on your hats.

For more info, go to Facebook.com/Evgeny-Utev

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