QUIVR Drumstick Bag by Gruv Gear

This is a cool, tight, compact stick bag. Sometimes you just don't need to carry all them sticks. The Quivr bag tethers to their Club or Stadium Bag to create a flip-out, free-standing holster.

The stick bag holds up to 6 pairs of sticks, It has a featured called “quick draw” pockets that pop out up to 6 sticks for speedy access while playing.

The right side of the bag has a larger drop-in pocket to accommodate brushes, mallets, hot-rod sticks or whatever your heart desires. There is also a key holder and you know that's a plus for us. Also a nice little pocket as well. It comes with a shoulder strap and also a strap to hang over your tom. This is a heart compact stick bag which you can store right in your cymbal bag. www.gruvgear.com

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