Spinbal -Ball-Bearing Cymbal Seats

Spinbal is a ball-bearing-based washer. You can spin your cymbals and it looks great for showmanship, But also it allows your cymbal to sound its fullest and leading to a longer cymbal life.

I love the product. it does what it's supposed to do. I feel like it opens your cymbals more and allows them to sound much fuller and rich. It also prevents from keyhole damage as the cymbal "floats". Made for 8mm Stands.

"This unique ball-bearing-based washer allows for nearly endless sonic and visual possibilities and offers the benefit of extending the life of the cymbal itself." - Modern Drummer

Guy Juravich a very cool dude. (dude on the left). Very energetic and smart. Fun guy to hang with as we did at NAMM 2019.

The product is simple and to the point.

Practically, even when not actively spun, Spinbal randomizes striking locations for an even wear & tear, leading to a longer cymbal life.

Sonically, spinning cymbals create a rich, doppler-shifting vibrato that helps reduce sibilant overtones.

Visually, spinning cymbals are pure eye-candy. as per their website.

Spinbal Cymbal Spinners 3-Pack

$29.99 www.spinbal.com

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