Sweet Spot Clutches

Rob Michl, the man behind Sweet Spot Clutches has taken your ordinary hi-hat clutch and cymbal stand wing nuts to another level. He's turned it into a beautiful art piece that will catch your eyes.

Besides it looking beautiful, its durable as heck. You might not need to buy another clutch. It is made very well and solid.

They have a variations to choose from. Their latest is The CRC - Chris Coleman's signature series, LO RIDER, FUZION CLUTCH - This two part clutch offers versatility and great looks for the gigging drummer. The top half of the clutch is removable so you can store your top cymbal in your cymbal bag with the lower section of the clutch still attached which will reduce your set up and break down time. CROSS, HEAT TINTS Our Castle and Screw design clutches can be custom flame tinted.

BODY DESIGN Made of solid stainless steel, these machined pieces of art will add character to your set like no other clutch will. Durability is unsurpassed and an optic value that is way off the scale of coolness. Whether you’re a hard rocking drummer or a smooth, intricate jazz player, we’re sure that you’ll find a piece to enjoy.

THUMB SCREW The hexagon shaped thumb screw is part aesthetic and part function. Their looks are part of what sets us apart from other clutches on the market. Its size and shape offers an assured grip between your fingers and a tight grip on the hi hat rod.

WEAR SLEEVE This highly wear resistant sleeve offers the drummer comfort in knowing that his expensive cymbals will no longer suffer the effects of key holing. This little piece may well out live your drum kit!

DOUBLE NUTS Easy tightening is achieved with these thick knurled nuts. The extra wide locking surface area also ensures that when tightened together they will not come loose, no matter how hard you play. They’ve anodized the aluminum nuts to give us an added visual advantage over the competition.

They also have a few types of cymbal toppers. They have The Tower Nut, Lo Pro, Fangs - Aaron Edgar Series & Sweet Stacker.

They also have drum lugs as well. Go check them out. You will be pleased. www.sweetspotclutches.com

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