Thread Locks by Zebra Drums

There is many different types of tension rod locks out there. A device that prevents your drums from detuning. This one is made by Zebra Drums.

They sent me this package of 10 which came with 10 Thread Locks and 10 tension rods. I use this set for my 14" Cogs Snare Drum.

I generally hit about 90% rimshots so I need these. First thing I noticed is Thread Locks (black piece) the top part is round as the bottom part is flat on opposites sides.

What is nice is that the Thread locks keeps your original look on the drum. Also you can tune the drum with it installed.

* Thread Locks will fit only in metal or wooden hoops with slotted/oval holes as shown in image below.

* Thread Locks and supplied tension rods will NOT fit on DW and older SONOR drums with M6 threads.

It was easy to install. Tuned it up and was ready to go. I tested it in a few gigs and it held up. I didn't have to retune not once.

I love it. Simple and effective. The drum looks original. Tune as normal.

Go to to order and for further details.

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